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MWC Wrestling Academy | Folkstyle Season


2018-2019 FOLKSTYLE



Folkstyle Wrestling

MWC Wrestling Academy offers folkstyle wrestling that coincides with the typical folkstyle season followed by most clubs and high schools.  The season runs from November to the end of March.  Wrestlers are placed in one of 2 rooms based on age, experience, commitment and ability.


Amateur Folkstyle Wrestling


For wrestlers early in their career; this program builds on the foundations instilled from the MAT Program to create good fundamental wrestlers. Wrestlers participate in local tournaments against other local wrestling clubs.  This is where wrestlers begin to define themselves as a wrestler.

The focus of the Amateur Coaches is to instill the mental and physical toughness that is required by the sport.  Wrestlers will be introduced to the true competition side of the sport as they begin to compete in tournaments.  As wrestlers begin to excel and crave tougher competition, they will be evaluated for placement in the Elite Room.



Elite Folkstyle Wrestling


Elite has several coaches and clinicians with national and college level experience. Wrestlers are given instruction for improving and refining technique. They will have exposure to many wrestling styles, skills and moves to help strengthen their own technique. The Elite coaches will help each wrestler stay focused so they can meet and exceed their goals.

The focus of the elite coaching staff is to create wrestlers that can compete at all levels of wrestling and prepare them for their High School careers. This will be through advanced instruction, hard work, commitment, and dedication. This mindset will make it possible for us to develop championship level wrestlers.  The philosophy of the Elite program will be focusing on drilling high-level with proper technique at a high pace.

Zac Dominguez

Zac Dominguez

President/Head of Coaching

Phone: (402)639-4507